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Terry's Birthday Bash 4th April 2015

 Tommy Smith

Ant Martin

Tank Trap

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  'Virgil & The Accelorators' & 'Loose Moorings'

 Friday 1st May 2015


      Well what can we say but... The Leo's Red Lion Pub, Gravesend TOTALLY ROCKS!!! What a night!! Thank you so much to Terry,the management and staff of the Lion who made us feel welcome from the minute we worked in to the time we stumbled out. Wrinkley Rockers Promotions and Vic on sound nothing short of 'Spot On!!' The Lads and management from Virgil and the Accelerators, Awesome songs dudes. To new friends and supporters who purchased our cd's, t shirts and passed on very kind words of encouragement, thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing the LIVE Recording and returning soon as requested. To our girls/team on the merch stalls BIG KISS!! xx Look out cause exciting thangs happening behind the scenes....BRING IT ON!!!


 Loose Moorings

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     The boys from 'Fullhouse' & 'Big River'

      After gig drinks    

 Saturday 6th August    2016

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